About Us

SDS Conveyancing Services is a friendly small business owned and operated by Stefanie Summers, Licensed Conveyancer. We have been operating for over 18 years assisting people in buying and selling property all over Melbourne and Victoria. We offer an easy and affordable service, ensuring you that the conveyancing process is completed in a timely manner with minimal stress and fuss to you.

We are located at 85 Napier Crescent, Essendon Victoria 3040.

SDS conveyancing is fully Licensed and Insured with professional indemnity Insurance.

SDS Conveyancing Services operates in compliance with the Conveyancers Act of 2006, the Sale of Land Act 1962, the Sale of Land Amendment Act 2014 and the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act of 2012. We also comply with the Code of Practice set out in Schedule 1 of Conveyancers Professional Conduct and General Regulations of 2008. We keep up to date with any Legislative changes that arise within the Property and Conveyancing industry.

SDS Conveyancing Services is registered with PEXA (Property Exchange Australia) for online settlements.