Electronic Lodgement Changes from October 1st 2018

October 15, 2018 admin 0 Comments

Land Titles Office Victoria Mandatory Electronic Lodgements as of October 1st 2018

As of October 1st 2018 there has been another big step towards 100% online lodgement of instruments in Victoria.

Registrar’s Requirements for Paper Conveyancing Transactions requires that from 1 October 2018, the following instruments, whether lodged by themselves or in combination with any other instruments in the following list, must be lodged electronically:

  • Transfers;
  • Mortgages;
  • Discharges of mortgage;
  • Caveats;
  • Withdrawals of caveat;
  • Applications by legal personal representatives; and,
  • Applications by a surviving proprietor.


Paper instruments for the above dealings will no longer be accepted by Land Use Victoria as of the 1st October 2018.  However, the following exceptions will continue to apply: where an existing paper instrument has been signed prior to 1 October 2018;

  • if in a combination of instruments, a party is not represented by a conveyancer or lawyer;
  • if a folio of the Register cannot be dealt with in an electronic lodgement network;
  • if an instrument affects more than 20 titles;
  • if a transfer is of a type which is not currently available electronically, such as:
    • transfers creating an easement;
    • transfers of an interest (eg. a lease);
    • transfers of part of land in a folio;
    • transfers of a tenant in comment’s share; and
    • transfers that cannot be assessed for duty using the Victorian State Revenue Office’s Duties Online system (eg. where an exemption is to be applied for); or
  • if a survivorship or transmission application is not available electronically, such as a survivorship application by an interest holder.


It is intended that all Victorian land instruments will be lodged electronically from 1 August 2019.