Simultaneous Sale and Purchases

Many people in the property market like to buy and sell at the same time, although doing it this way can become more complicated and stressful. SDS Conveyancing handle simultaneous sale and purchases all the time, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We can co-ordinate both contracts to ensure a smooth transition to your new property.


If you are Purchasing:

We can look over contracts and section 32’s free of charge.
Prepare legal documents to ensure transfer of title into your name. Calculate financial adjustments including rates, water and body corporate levies. Co-ordinate banks, solicitors and agents to ensure settlement occurs on the due date. Effect settlement on your behalf and notify the rating authorities of your purchase. Commit to keeping you informed on how the conveyance is progressing.
We have experienced almost every conveyancing scenario. This works to your advantage as it means we can deal with any situation to keep the transaction as stress free as possible for you. 

If you are Selling:

We ensure that the transaction progresses to settlement without hassle, review all legal documentation and calculate financial adjustments (i.e. rates, water and body corporate levies etc.). Co-ordinate banks, solicitors and agents to ensure settlement occurs on time. Ensure the effective release of mortgage/s with your lender/s. Attend settlement on your behalf and forward proceeds by way of bank cheque or direct deposit to your nominated account. Advise the rating authorities that you are no longer the owner of the property. 

Commit to keeping you informed on how the conveyance is progressing.


Subdividing property has its many advantages and can increase the value greatly, but you also need to know what your doing and follow strict subdivision laws which can change from state to state, city to city or even suburb to suburb. Errors in the subdivision process can be costly and time-consuming, and there are varying costs that you will need to consider even if everything goes through.

For the clearest information, guidance and services regarding subdivision in Melbourne, talk to SDS Conveyancing Services. Our conveyancing professionals are experts in the subdivision process and can ensure the best outcome for you.

For Plans and Subdivisons we will:

If a surveyor has not been contracted we may recommend a surveyor(s) to choose from.
Make thorough investigations and communicate all costs associated with the service providers.

Contact your bank to check the requirements to subdivide if you are planning to sell the property or properties.

Submit your subdivisons through to Land titles Victoria and advise every step of the way.


If you want your partner on your title or ex-partner off your title, we can organise this for you within very little time and stress to you.


We also organise title transfers where we will prepare all the paperwork and deal with your bank (if you have one) in lodging the title. We will advise you of all fees that are involved in doing this such as stamp duty, transfer and land title lodgement etc.


An important part of the selling process is ensuring you have a good reliable agent to handle the sale and advertising of your property.

SDS Conveyancing Services can provide you with the contact information for a trusted Real Estate Agent in your area.

Industry knowledge and friendly expert service is what you deserve and SDS Conveyancing Services can assist you in finding a local agent to suit your requirements.